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Suzuki Piano Lessons

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student My daughter Anna studied piano with Jane for six years, and would have continued longer if Jane had not moved out of state. Jane is a wonderful teacher - knowledgeable, supportive, and professional. She managed to find that balance of being firm and nudging a student to excel, while being warm, encouraging and honoring the child's pace. Her love of music infused her teaching; she taught her students not just to play the notes, but inspired them to express the beauty and musicality of the pieces they were learning. Jane is dedicated to her teaching and works to continue her own learning and professional development. She was a great person to work with, a very positive influence in my daughter's life, and we were sad to see her go. We recommend her highly.

Susan Zinanti, Wheat Ridge, CO






Mrs. Asprelli has been an excellent teacher for my 4 and 5 year old beginner students. She was patient with them and worked well to help them develop excellent habits on the front end. She is a gifted teacher who knew just how much to push the children without frustrating them as they learned new skills and songs. The children enjoyed piano and learned to perform on stage with no fear. She created a great community with group lessons where we were able to enjoy other students and watch them progress. She really knows the Suzuki method and was constantly sharing new ideas to help us. I learned much about parenting and working with my kids from watching Mrs. Asprelli work with children.

Stephanie Koehn, Broomfield,CO






My daughter started taking piano lessons with Jane when she was 5. Jane was able to share her wealth of music knowledge and more importantly her love of music in a way that my 5-year-old could understand and appreciate. As a teacher, she focused on igniting the love of music within my daughter not only through the piano, but with singing as well. Jane brings many years of expertise, not only as a Suzuki teacher, but as a musician herself. Within a year, not only could I not believe how many songs my daughter could play, but with the enthusiasm she had during practice.

Fred Mahakian, Erie, CO






Jane has the skills and wears the lens that master teachers refine over the years. She does an excellent job at keeping the balance between nourishing her students excitement and offering the necessary rigor involved in learning piano. Her practice deeply reflects her understanding and belief to teach to multiple intelligence. Early on students develop a great sense of music. Her constructivist approach gives room for students to monitor their own learning, listen and reflect on their own playing, while developing metacognitive habits. Jane pays particular attention to the natural approach of playing piano, and often reminds her students that this way will prevent injuries on the long term. She also provides multiple opportunities and avenues to perform throughout the year. Our daughter Maya has a solid foundation in music and Jane fostered a long term passion for piano throughout her first year of lessons. Having also taken piano lessons with Jane as an adult, I can definitely recommend Jane as a teacher able to adapt her teaching from the younger ages to adults.

Yves Beauvineau, Evergreen, Colorado






I took voice lessons from Jane for almost 3 years. She helped me expand my vocal range by teaching me about breath control and the way sound can go up into the upper regions of the face. We always had an extensive exercise time during the voice lesson. I sing in a chorale. She helped me with the music that I was working on with the chorale. We also had time for lyric singing in the summer time. She is a very good teacher and highly recommended by me.

Patricia Wulf, Wheat Ridge, CO.