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Piano Policies



STUDY TERM: The year is divided into four three-months terms. Lessons are scheduled year round including the summer with vacation periods shown on the studio calendar. During the school year, once a month there will be a group lesson in place of a private lesson, and in the summer there could be additional week-long summer camps offered concentrating on specific topics/styles/skills. The Fall term generally starts after Labor Day, September – November; Winter term: December – February; Spring term: March – May; Summer term: June – August.

PRACTICE GOALS: Book 1 – 30min/day; Book 2 - 45 min/day; Book 3 and up – 1 hr or more a day. Dr. Suzuki says, “you only have to practice on the days you eat.” If students want to participate in the 100 days practice trophy program, they should review pieces, a minimum of 5 days a week, listening to recordings, singing, improvising, moving to music, and preparing pieces in the books. A quiet, well-lit area, free from distractions is critical.

LISTENING REQUIREMENTS: Students are expected to be listening passively to Suzuki repertoire recordings one hour per day; additional listening to other good music, and live concerts is strongly encouraged. “Listening until we remember is not enough. We must listen until we cannot forget.” (Shinichi Suzuki).

FESTIVALS & PERFORMANCES: Students set goals and participate in various Festivals. There are many opportunities for students to perform in competitive or non-competitive events. Students are expected to memorize their pieces and perform them when appropriate in a book recital and at recitals throughout the year. Keeping a record of these performances in a portfolio is advisable especially for those that plan to continue studying music in college.

COMMUNICATION: A yearly calendar of all the events in which the studio participates is distributed at the beginning of the school year; it is updated during the year.