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Voice Policies



STUDY TERM: The school year is divided into four three-months sessions. Lessons are scheduled year round including the summer with vacation periods shown on the studio calendar. There will be 36 weeks per school year and in the summer there could be additional week-long summer camps offered concentrating on specific topics/ styles/skills. The Fall term generally starts after Labor Day, September-November; Winter term: December - February; Spring term: March - May; Summer term: June-August.

FESTIVALS/MUSICAL EVENTS: Students are encouraged to participate in musical events, noncompetitive or competitive, to set goals for their growth.

PERFORMANCES: Students are strongly urged to participate in some musical event, either competitive or non-competitive. These will be determined by the teacher, student, and parents. Memorizing songs is almost always necessary for participation in these events. Performing at a separate voice class is ideal for good preparation for upcoming performances. Keeping a record of these performances in a portfolio is advisable especially for those that plan to continue studying music in college